Perceptive problem-solving.

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Alfa Attorneys Ltd is a skilled and versatile law firm based in Tampere, Finland.

Our core competence includes contracts, legal preparedness and dispute resolution. We will dig into even your difficult questions, assess the related legal risks and assist you in choosing the best way forward. If necessary, we will represent you in a court of law or administrative proceedings in Finland.

Our clientele includes companies operating in varying fields of business, private individuals as well as entities of public administration.

We will take care of your assignments diligently and swiftly and report back to you without jargon. Our attorneys will serve you in English, Finnish and Swedish and even in other languages. We have good contacts with foreign law firms in case your assignment requires foreign legal advice.

Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association. We are bound by the code of professional ethics established by the Finnish Bar.

Our Services

Dispute Resolution

Disputes, arbitration, IPR disputes in the Market Court, construction disputes, real estate and housing disputes, employment disputes, debt collection, crime-related damages.


Business contracts, international procurement and delivery contracts, agency, cooperation and licensing, general terms and conditions, sale and purchase of shares, real estate transactions.

Business Law and Transactions

Corporate transactions, due diligence, incorporation and shareholder agreements, financing and collaterals, governance and disputing corporate resolutions, personal data protection.


GDPR, data protection, data processing agreement, personal data, data controller, data processor

IPR and Technology

Patents and utility models, trademarks and tradenames, copyright, business secrets, unfair competition, licensing, IPR infringements and damages.


Employment contracts and changes in their terms and conditions, non-compete and non-disclosure undertakings, occupational safety, termination of employment, co-operation within undertakings, parental leaves and equality, data protection and privacy in employment. 

Real Estate, Property Development and Construction

Real estate formation and other proceedings, property development, real estate transactions, zoning and building permits, constructions, expropriation, environmental law.

Housing Disputes, Moisture and Mold Damage

Defects in housing transactions and real estate transactions, microbial damage, indoor air, health hazard, maintenance obligation in a housing corporation, inspector’s liability, estate agency, leases. 

Succession, Bequest and Family

Last will and testament, donations, trusteeship power of attorneys, generational change, inventory of a deceased person’s estate, estate administration and distribution, prenuptial agreements, distribution of property of married and unmarried partners, agreements between unmarried partners, tax planning.

Public Administration

Administrational proceedings, influencing in authorities’ decisions, right to be heard, appeal in administrational court, administrational appeal, municipal appeal, zoning appeal, public service and related disputes.