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Attorney Team

Peter Rasmussen

Managing Partner

Peter is an expert in business law and legal proceedings. Peter’s fields of legal expertise include limited liability company law, corporate transactions, contracts, product liability issues and trademarks. Peter also advises clients in assignments related to labor law and construction matters. Fifteen years Peter has tried our clients’ cases in various courts of law with a high win rate. In addition to complicated civil disputes and arbitration proceedings, he has also participated in proceedings in a number of large-scale white collar crimes. 

Tiina Koskinen-Tammi

Partner, Doctor of Laws

Tiina is a leading legal expert in Finland in disputes related to houses and real estate with moisture and mildew damage. Tiina has defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic, has published several articles, lectures frequently and is an active participant in legislative changes concerning housing and related inspections and liabilities. She also regularly handles disputes in housing and real estate transactions outside the Pirkanmaa area. Furthermore, she has comprehensive knowledge in matters related to construction, tenancy and the liabilities of estate agents, as well as in housing company law. 

Jani Hovila


Jani has a broad competence in various corporate contractual arrangements, GDPR, corporate consulting and corporate law in general, having worked  with these matters both within the private as well as the public sector. Jani has been in charge of many challenging projects including the Tampere Deck and Arena -project in his position as legal counsel for the City of Tampere. During his years within the financial sector Jani worked mainly with ICT-contracts.

Leena Laurila

Senior Associate

Leena has extensive expertise in disputes related to housing and real estate transactions, legal matters related to housing companies, real estate law as well as legal matters related to construction and use of land. Leena handles disputes related to defects in housing and real estate transactions in and outside the Pirkanmaa region. Leena consults housing companies and has expertise in questions related to maintenance obligation. Leena co-authored with Tiina a book on case law concerning disputes in housing and real estate transactions published in 2010





Marianne Sederholm


Marianne is responsible for the operational business and development projects. She is a Master of Business Administration and her major was entrepreneurship and family business. In addition, she is expanding her expertise in Master of Science (MSc) in International Sales and Sales Management. Marianne has twenty years of experience in various company development tasks. She has worked in purchase, sales and marketing positions in the international companies.

Otto Santala

Legal Trainee, Bachelor of Laws

Otto assists our attorneys with client assignments related to business law and corporate disputes. In addition to his ongoing legal studies Otto holds a Master’s degree in Economics/Accounting (University of Jyväskylä, graduation 2020). Prior to joining Alfa Otto has also worked as a trainee in an auditing firm.