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Our knowledge is broad, in-depth and up-to-date in the fields that we consider part of our expertise. We focus in assignments in which we have expertise in the substance.

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Dispute Resolution

Peter Rasmussen
Tiina Koskinen-Tammi | Leena Laurila 

The successful conduct of civil litigation and arbitration requires skill, which necessitates hard work and the ability to absorb large quantities of information. The best result is reached through cooperation and good preparation. We have good knowledge of the procedural rules applied in court proceedings and we are able to present your case clearly and in a well-structured form.

Oftentimes settlement is more expedient for both the plaintiff and the defendant than a full-blown trial. Whenever possible and in your interest, we will engage in settlement talks with the other party.

We handle a variety of cases in various courts and arbitrational seats throughout Finland. Our expertise includes business disputes, technology, patent, IPR and unfair competition cases at the Market Court, various debt collection cases, claims for damages, employment disputes and disputes related to companies and other legal entities. In criminal matters we usually represent the victim and present claims against the perpetrator.  In family and inheritance matters a typical trial concerns dispute of estate distribution or distribution of marital property in a district court.

For disputes related to housing and real estate transactions we have a specialized team whose expertise in moisture and mold damaged houses and apartments is broad. In 2017 alone ten of the real estate and housing disputes we tried ended in the transaction being rescinded either thought settlement or verdict.


Jani Hovila | Peter Rasmussen

A contract is the most important judicial instrument used by companies and private individuals to effect the arrangement of their joint legal relationships. 

We draft the contracts you need and review from your viewpoint contract drafts prepared by others. We ensure that all significant matters are included in the contract document and we communicate to you the risks that we have identified. Risk can be managed for example by limiting the contractual liability or be defining a monetary cap to a party’s indemnity obligation.

We have drafted to our clients numerous agency agreements and reseller agreements, cooperation agreement and international supply agreements. We understand the norm base concerning trade and product liability as well as the contract law matters related to financing and collaterals. We often draft director’s agreements. We draft various general terms and conditions, sales terms, procurement terms as well as terms of use for internet services. Well-functioning general terms and contract templates promote your business and prevent disputes.

In important contractual arrangements it is considerably more cost-efficient to use an attorney in the drafting of a contract, rather than having to deal with unnecessary contractual conflicts later in court or arbitration.

Even in your private matters it is recommended to consult a contract lawyer when you are making important decisions affecting your property. In real estate and housing transactions dispute resolution is easier if the contractual provisions concerning the condition of the apartment and any pre-existing inspections have been drafted and risks addressed already in when the contract was drafted.

Business Law and Transactions

Peter Rasmussen | Jani Hovila

Alfa has extensive competence in M&A transactions and matters related to reorganizing business activities. Our attorneys have since the 1990s advised in transactions of various sizes assisting both seller and buyers. We favor a straight-forward approach even in corporate transactions.

We assist our clients for example in incorporation of companies, drafting shareholder agreements, mergers and demergers as well as various matters pertaining to corporate governance, corporate decision-making and financing. We know the legal framework of limited liability companies and other legal forms, as well as the new act on foundations.

The present legal framework on limited liability companies allows the companies to organize their activities relatively freely within the scope of their articles of association. However, companies need to observe the mandatory requirements arising from the Limited Liability Companies Act, such as the requirements concerning creditor protection and the status of minority shareholders. We consult in all matters related to the governance of a company.

In the current legal environment the law often requires companies to maintain special responsibility towards their customers, employees and the society as a whole. We assist our clients in these matters, whether the question concerns data privacy (GDPR) or the company’s equality and non-discrimination policies.


Jani Hovila

Protecting your company data is vital, alongside complying with data protection regulations contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our law firm advices your business on GDPR compliance.  We work with businesses whether they are data controllers or data processors.

Our service includes explaining and assisting you with your data processing agreements as well as data protection policies and processes.

IPR and Technology

Peter Rasmussen | Jani Hovila

Intellectual property rights, i.e. IPR rights, are in central role in business operations and their development. The building of successful brands and products requires companies to understand the value of their know-how and intellectual capital and to plan and implement the measures needed for protecting them carefully.

We draft for our clients contracts that have a strong IPR element, such as technology co-operation agreements, license agreements, confidentiality agreements, manufacturing agreements, consultation agreements and software agreements. 

We have extensive experience of handling disputes in the field of intellectual property rights. We deal with infringement and invalidation proceedings related to, for example, patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks and business names.  We assist our clients in injunction proceedings as well as claims for damages in respect of misleading marketing, defamation of competitor, or other unfair practices in commercial activity. Our knowledge in the IPR field includes also the criminal law aspects in the protection of business secrets.


Peter Rasmussen

We assist our clients in a broad range of labor law and employment issues. We draft and review employment contracts, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements as well as action plans and policy documents affecting the entire workplace, such as equality and non-discrimination policies.

An employer needs to observe the requirements arising from various statutory provisions of law. We advise in problematic situations, whether the case is about amending the terms and conditions of an employment, working hours or annual leaves, parental leaves, reward systems, occupational safety or termination of employment. We have specialized knowledge in our office on equality and non-discrimination issues in employment, working conditions and termination of employment.

Our attorneys specialized in labor law have competence in co-operation procedures and an extensive experience of disputes concerning the termination of employment contracts. We have represented both employers and employees in legal proceedings and acted as advocates for employer companies in the position of defendants as well as for employees who have been dismissed. We also advise our clients on issues concerning the law on civil servants and assist in settling disputes.

Real Estate, Property Development and Constructions

Peter Rasmussen | Jani Hovila | 
Tiina Koskinen-Tammi I Leena Laurila 

We handle legal matters related to use of land, development and construction ranging from transactions to construction disputes. We prepare real estate purchase deeds and deeds of donation as well as land leases. In addition to transactions, changes in land ownership are also realized in distributions of inheritance.

We assist our clients in land division proceedings, such as parceling, partitioning and easement proceedings. If the decision by the local surveying office in land division proceedings is negative, we assist in the appeal to the Land Court. 

The administrative permits related to land use, development and construction also form part of our legal expertise in real estate. We assist our clients in their appeals to the an administrative court in zoning decisions, negative building permits decisions and other decisions made by local buding inspection authorities. The use and development of rural estates, forests, environmental matters and permits related to soil extraction are our core competence. We also act for our clients in road construction proceedings pursuant to the Private Roads Act and in compensation matters related to expropriation of land.

In addition, we represent our clients in construction disputes, where the financial stakes are often considerable for both companies and private individuals. We master the General Conditions for Construction Contracts (“YSE 1998”) and the case law concerning their application. Our clients consist of both property developers and contractors.

Housing Disputes, Moisture and Mold Damage

Tiine Koskinen-Tammi 
I Leena Laurila

We assist our clients in presenting and responding to claims in disputes arising from housing and real estate transactions. Our clients consist of both buyers and sellers of apartments. The majority of these disputes are nowadays connected to moisture and mold damage, which are discovered in the building structure after conclusion of the sale. When moisture or mold damage is discovered in the apartment, the buyer has to start to gather evidence on the defects and related liability issues without delay, and to give notice of defects and claims to the seller within reasonable time. 

By checking the condition of the object of purchase and clarifying the liability distribution in advance, the risks related to the transaction can be reduced and potential disputes prevented. We are happy to consult our clients prior to the conclusion of the transaction and to assist in the preparation of the contract documents related to the transaction.

In addition to the division of liability between the seller and the buyer in moisture and mold damage other liability relationships may also exist, such as a housing company’s maintenance and repair responsibility, an estate agent’s and a building surveyor’s responsibility for their own actions, constructor’s liability, the tenancy between a landlord and a tenant, and an employer’s responsibility for employee’s occupational safety. We assist in presenting and responding to claims also in these situations.

We co-operate with building health experts, building surveyors, microbiological and medical specialists, among others. We comprehensively follow up-to-date case law and scientific research related to the theme as well as the developments in the field of indoor air. We also participate in major innovative projects in the field.

Succession, Bequest and Family

Leena Laurila

We have several decades of experience in estate administration and distribution, partition of the joint estate of the spouses, and issues related to parental responsibility, visiting rights, children’s living arrangements and maintenance. In attending to assignments, we also take into account the human side of the matters, which has pronounced relevance in this legal field.

We draft for our clients for example estate inventory deeds, estate distribution instruments, wills and testaments, prenuptial agreements, agreements on the distribution of matrimonial assets, agreements between unmarried partners, deeds of donation and contracts of sale. In the last few years we have also prepared numerous trusteeship power of attorneys by which a person can pre-arrange the handling of their matters in case he subsequently becomes incapable of taking care of his matter as a result of deteriorating health, for example.

We are familiar with all taxation matters related to inheritance and donations. In drafting an agreement for our client concerning ownership arrangements, we will identify fiscally appropriate measures to achieve the end result desired by the client.

At times death or divorce leads to a conflict when either parties to an estate or former spouses cannot agree on matters related to distribution of assets. We act as District Court-appointed administrators and executors in divorces and deceased persons’ estates and advise our clients in disputes connected to distribution of estates and distribution of matrimonial assets.

Public Administration

Peter Rasmussen

In accordance with the Act on Administration a public authority must treat private individuals and companies equally and use its powers exclusively in legal causes. The authorities’ actions must be impartial and justifiable taking into account their purposes. They must protect the justifiable interests grounded in our legal system.

In addition to the Act on Administration the authorities’ decisions are affected by a number of other statutory provisions of law. Many of them are part of our expertise, such as the Land Use and Building Act. You can turn to our services in zoning matters, permits, environmental matters and questions related to environmental protection, and expropriation, for example. We handle complaints and appeals in matters of public administration as well as civil claims against public authorities on a broad spectrum.

In addition we handle cases related to civil servants in administrative courts, and we have expertise in legislation related to churches.

Even at this moment there are cases pending in the Supreme Administrative Court in which we act as an advocate.